what is lifestyle photography?

as simply as I can put it, lifestyle photography is the art of the everyday.
with my images, I always strive to subtlety tell a story about people in their environment in a natural and  authentic way. we often take for granted our daily routine as insignificant, but this is truly where I find the most beauty! the beauty of your everyday.

the morning snuggles. the nostalgic coffee mug. the favorite pair of ripped jeans. the cookie making. the flower picking. the book reading. the way your brand new baby smells. their tiny, tiny toes.  all these things have emotional sentiments that, over time, will change and evolve. you blink and all these things of now, become things of then.

with the investment of lifestyle portraiture, your images will celebrate life as it is in all it’s simple greatness.

what is a fresh48 session?

oh just my favorite thing ever, I reply. seriously though. I just love love love doing these! fresh 48 photography is a unique session for those new families who want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured. held within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life, these sessions are perfect for remembering that first day forever.  I will come to your place of birth within 48 hours to capture your baby’s first few moments on this planet. you’ve waited 9 months…always remember the first day!

what is a family shoot with me like?

a great question! seems a bit daunting to “just be” while there is a camera in your face, huh?
before we meet, I’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire to help me get a better feel of what you are looking for. questions like: what is your family’s ultimate treat, what things do you not want to forget, and, where do you spend your family time, will organically form and spark a game plan for your session. if you have a specific activity, outing, or concept already in mind- even better! we will start the planning process right from there.

on the day of your session…here’s the best part…I show up, and you and your family get to just be present with each other! we will have a loose blueprint for the day, but embrace whatever spontaneity may come. there are no fancy lights. no stiff clothing. I may adjust curtains on windows, or move small items.  I may interact and ask silly questions, or I may be the silent observer. but my promise to you is that I will always stay true to life! 

what is a newborn session with me like?

this process is very similar to how my family sessions play out! I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire with questions that will help me get to know you and your baby more intimately. for a fresh48 session, I am on call for 2 weeks before and after your anticipated due date. I’ll ask for you or your partner to give me a heads up when you are in active labor and heading to your birth place (hospital, birth center, home etc.), and then another text or phone call when the baby is here. I guarantee photography to take place within 48 hours of the notification telling me that your little one has arrived!

be it a fresh48 session or in-home session, the actual shoot will go at the pace of your baby. it’s a very relaxed and calm session, where I let you ogle over the person you created. my job is to catch the small, fleeting details. you snuggle, you caress, you love your newborn. I do the rest!

I’m pregnant. when should I be booking my newborn session with you?

as soon as possible! especially with fresh48 sessions, I am on call for you for 2 weeks before and after your due date. because of this, I have limited availability to book multiple sessions in the same time frame. for the in-home newborn sessions, we’ll tentatively book a date based upon when your baby is supposed to arrive. once baby is here, we’ll touch base again and formally book a date and time. I strive to photograph within the first week of baby being at home to document the newness of your little one. they change so much, so quickly!

what is the investment amount?

packages range from $400 to $1100 based upon type of session, number of hours, and gaurenteed final image amounts. please click here for full pricing info! 

protecting your story

my website serves as a living time capsule, forever freezing highlights of your session with me- your family story, as well as my own. it serves as a representation of my brand, who I am as an artist, photographer, storyteller, and a person.

in january of 2018, I experienced a pretty severe hack in which I lost access and control to my website and its contents. it was truly one of the most violating experiences I've had to navigate....in fear that I lost the blog posts, the words themselves that I had written about my sessions and my husband and my infertility journey. through the incredible and professional efforts of SiteLock, my website was cleaned of malware and restored within a matter of hours. and through tears, I thanked the team for giving me back my little space of the internet where I share my heart...a space that I thought might have been lost forever.

while I store nothing of "value" on my website that would be of interest to hackers...your memories and images, your story, my words, were tampered with; and it is through partnership with SiteLock that I know you are protected and safe visiting my site. feel free to read my SiteLock review/case study by clicking here!

I’m so excited! what next?!

I’d be so honored to capture you and your family. send me a message, and let’s chat!