"your pictures are raw and, at first glance, seem journalistic. the realness, the vitality, the allowance of a full life inside of them—you embrace photography as true art."
- davey

''the realness''

“I can’t wait to stare at each photo, all night.  they made me cry.  you truly captured childhood with your photography of my children. thank you so much — what a marvelous treasure.”
– courtney 

"sometimes feel like I am that proverbial fly on the wall when I see your photos.
you capture such pure humanity and I am honored to be able to be a witness. you leave me feeling like I know these families, it is so intimate. you are an amazing artist and you have given such a beautiful gift to [your families] that they will hold as a keepsake their entire lives."
- teri

''will forever cherish''

"less than 48 hours after our baby was born, you came to the hospital. it was such an exhausting and stressful time, yet you put us right at ease and made the photos seem so effortless. you truly tell a story with your photos, a story that I will forever cherish. my favorite photo to this day is one you captured of me holding my daughter in the hospital- the light, emotion, and just everything about the picture is perfect."
- amy

"we are so incredibly happy with pictures you have been taking of our growing family for the past three years. your wonderful rapport with both of my kids and makes them at ease in front of the camera, making the entire flow of the session so natural and organic. you totally capture the essence of every moment." 

''the essence
of the moment''